chrome cam-am 2In the 1960s, people were looking for ways to get their rides differentiated from other cars, so the use of chrome on grills, rims, and wheels was popularized. Chrome plating is a custom-made trend that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also increases the durability of a vehicle. At MPT Autobody, we provide a modern alternative to chrome plating — spray-on chrome. Although car aficionados may enjoy performing car restoration projects on their own, chroming is best left to the experts. Chroming is a highly detailed process that takes the skills of an auto detailing specialist. Our professionals have formal experience working with materials involved in a customized chrome finish. Before the project begins, you’ll need to learn about the steps for getting your car chromed:
  1. Determine where you want chrome. Do you want a chrome finish on the whole vehicle or just certain parts? Bumpers, grills, and door handles are commonly chromed, but you don’t have to limit the project to just those parts either.
  1. Make a budget. If you don’t have the money to chrome all the parts now, you can get a few parts done at a time to avoid spending a large sum of money at once.
  1. Visit an auto shop. You’ll need to find an auto shop that offers chroming services. If you’re looking in the Myrtle Beach area, MPT Autobody can answer any of your questions.
  1. Clean your car. Before you take your vehicle to the shop, make sure the parts you want chromed have clean surfaces.
  1. Take “before” pictures. If you want to create your own before-and-after photo shoot, take a couple of pictures of your car before the project.
If you still have questions about the chroming process, contact us today at 843-957-7785 for more information. We serve Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas in South Carolina with our auto detailing services.