You may have heard from your car-restoring or motorcycle-detailing friends about a process called spray-on chroming—and you’re wondering what it’s all about. Allow us at MPT Autobody to shed some light on this modern technique that will make your vehicle stand out. Chroming gives your car, RV, motorcycle, or truck the classic look of chrome plating. What this means is that our auto body specialists can make any surface achieve a look of real chrome, gold, or copper. However, unlike chrome plating, spray-on chroming is more environmentally friendly and is a faster, more-efficient process. Here’s how the chroming process works:
  • The car part is prepped with a stabilizer that will help the finish adhere to the part’s surface.
  • We apply silver nitrate to the part. This step is what gives the finish that unparalleled shine.
  • The part is then covered with a topcoat to protect the chrome finish.
You can customize your chroming by requesting that a tint be added to the topcoat. You can choose from any color, so your chrome finish achieves the final look you desire. Whether you’re interested in chroming the entire body of your car or small details of your motorcycle, MPT Autobody is Myrtle Beach’s chroming expert. Just check out what satisfied customers are saying about the auto detailing or auto body repair work from MPT Autobody. If you want to learn more about spray-on chroming or get a quote for your next custom-auto project, contact us at MPT Autobody at (843) 957-7785.