You hear the thud and your stomach drops; your boat bumped the dock, and it definitely left a mark. Fortunately, MPT Autobody of Murrells Inlet is here to provide all of your boat collision and repair needs. From minor scuffs to major damage, we can repair the damage and have your boat sparkling once again. For minor repairs, here are a few tips on how to repair the damage on your own.

Fiberglass Boat Repair

Prepare the Surface

First, remove decals and stickers from the area. A heat gun can be used to remove stickers, and fine grit sandpaper can be used to remove painted decals. Then, assess the damage. If the boat has sustained only some light scratches, you should be able to effectively buff and restore the gel coat. If the fiberglass fibers are exposed, you will need to grind out the gouged area with a grinder or rotary tool. 

Fill and Smooth Gouges

Next comes the difficult part: mixing the gel coat. Generally, you can contact the boat manufacturer and order gel coat to match your boat’s color. This is not a perfect science, though, and it is nearly impossible to get a perfect match. To fill the gouge, you will thoroughly mix the gel coat with chop filler (liquid fiberglass), and mound the compound over the gouge. Allow this to cure for several hours, and sand it down after it has hardened.

Apply the Finish

Now you are ready to apply fresh gel coat over the repair. Add some reducer to the gel coat to thin it out enough to go through a sprayer. Amounts vary based on the brand of reducer; read package instructions for details. Spray the patched area with short bursts. It is normal to have some splatters and runs.

Sand, Buff, and Wax

After the gel coat has cured, sand the area until smooth. Then, add buffing compound to your buffer pad and gently buff the gel coat at a low speed. Wax the surface for extra protection and gloss, and you are done!

Hire the Experts

The truth of the matter is that fiberglass repairs are tricky. If you want high quality results and a flawless finish, contact the experts at MPT Autobody. We specialize in boat collision repairs and custom paint. It will be like the accident never happened! For a free quote on your marine repair or custom paint job, contact us at (843) 957-7785.