As a motorcycle owner, you’re part of an elite group. Only motorcycle owners seem to understand the thrill and chill of an open road and the sun on their backs as they cruise Myrtle Beach. However, your bike is yours, and you want it to be a reflection of who you are. A custom motorcycle is the definition of unique.

To celebrate the season, why not give yourself the gift of a custom motorcycle from MPT Autobody? Your motorcycle should be an extension of you — your unique personality and take on life. Our technicians are more than just great auto body experts — they’re artists that take great pride in everywork of art that leaves our shop.

We can work with you to find a design that fits you and your bike. From chroming right down to the details, the MPT Autobody crew can create custom, eye-catching motorcycles. While you may travel in packs, your motorcycle will no longer blend in with the others out on the road. Your bike will be uniquely yours.

MPT Autobody of South Carolina is an auto detailing shop with more than 20 years’ combined experience. Each detailing project is unique, and we do our best to combine our artistic and creative experience with your vision for your custom motorcycle.

To find out more about getting a custom motorcycle from MPT Autobody, contact us at (843) 957-7785, or stop by our Murrell’s Inlet, SC location. We’ll be glad to talk to you about your custom motorcycle and give you a free estimate.